Does Alcohol Abuse Cause Impotence? Eroxel will help you without affecting the cause of Impotence

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Alcohol can make men feel more sexually active and loosen their muscles in small doses. However, those who drink excessively achieve the opposite.

Increased alcohol intake can have a negative impact on Potency

A drunk man can’t stand on his own two feet in bed. Even a blood alcohol concentration of 0.4 to 0.25 milles reduces potency. These men not only have difficulty erection but also have trouble having an orgasm. A higher level per mille means that nothing is possible, even strong sexual desires. Alcohol impairs the nervous systems and the transmission of stimulative impulses.

A one-time alcohol intoxication can cause a normal body to regenerate and the erectile function to return. Impotence is not usually caused by alcohol consumption. But, people who drink a lot of alcohol in a long time run the risk of becoming permanently impotent.

Alcohol abuse can cause a multitude of diseases, including impotence. It is better to give up alcohol and lead a healthy life. If you add Eroxel to your daily diet you will notice excellent results: Eroxel

The Nerves are damaged by Alcohol

The brain and spinal cord nerve centers that have been destroyed can no longer transmit signals and stimuli to the penile nerves.

The Male Hormone balance is affected by Alcohol

The liver can also be damaged by alcohol. The liver cannot properly process the estrogen, a female sex hormone. An excess estrogenic level is seen in alcoholics, but a deficiency of the male sexhormone. testosterone, the male sexhormone. Testosterones control a man’s sexual desire and libido. They are responsible for the irritability and erection. Even if the man has strong sexual desires, low testosterone levels make it difficult for him to erection.

Prolactin is also promoted by alcohol, which is a hormone that regulates female milk production. Prolactin reduces the centrally-mediated penile reflex.

Mental illness can be caused by Alcohol

Depression is common in men who drink too much alcohol. A lack of self-confidence, social decline, and the resulting relationships problems can all be psychological triggers for a low libido.

The effects of Alcohol on Sperm

Are you a father or thinking about becoming one? Reduce alcohol consumption to help your baby. Research shows that alcohol can have a severe effect on potency and sperm quality. The quality of the sperm. The genetic information in the fertilized eggs is less accurate for men who consume a lot of alcohol.

This can lead to mental and physical damage for your child if the sperm cells are damaged in this manner.

If you watch your diet, exercise regularly and avoid excessive alcohol consumption, you can recover quickly. If you also start a treatment with Eroxel you will be able to enjoy your intimate life again without any problem: Eroxel Test


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