Natural Gout Remedies – How did I Learn about them?

Man with painful gout inflammation on big toe joint.

Gout attack stories can be quite common, I’m sure.

Nearly every gout patient can tell a horror story about the debilitating pain or anguish that comes with their personal history. This story is about freedom. How this demon known as “gout attack”, can take your freedom. If you need help for your gout attack, click here:

Home remedies for Gout

I was ready to go on my annual deer-hunting trip along with my father in law and some of his experienced hunting buddies. They are great guys to have around. They are averagely around 67 years old and don’t place much importance on the hunting part of the trip. They are content just to hang out at the campsite, reminiscing about the wonderful hunt stories they heard when they were young like me.

Gout Home Remedy

There is no diet

My father-in law is generous to the point of being a saint. These trips are a feast for the eyes. He insists that everyone bring their own meals and he cooks them all. He will not accept payment for his efforts and time. There have been many arguments among these boys over how to pay back my father-in law or stash cash in one his numerous ditty bags or packs. It won’t be heard of by him. He will not hear about it. The conversation is closed.

These overnight trips are a great opportunity to eat well. A typical dinner menu includes steaks, butter-smothered baked potatoes and various sauteed vegetables. A case of frosty cold beer, a bottle red wine and perhaps a can of sauteed vegetables are all options. You will soon understand why these boys are so passionate about the outdoors. Who wouldn’t want to? Their own top-chef is the one who makes them happy. He ensures that their cronies feel well-fed and satisfied.

Even though I may have been replacing one of their regular campers, it was an honor to be invited on these trips. It doesn’t matter. It’s a great group of gentlemen, so it’s always a pleasure to be with them.

The late-night gout symptoms

The dinner was as spectacular as ever. Everyone was well-fed, happy and stuffed. As the tales of the morning’s hunt began to fade, each hunter drifted off to his tent to get some much-needed sleep.

At 3:18 AM, I was rudely awakened. The familiar feeling of discomfort hit me again. I felt a burning sensation in my left foot and a hot, uncomfortable sensation. It arrived suddenly and threatened to ruin a otherwise enjoyable trip. You’re probably already aware of the discomfort that lies ahead if you have gout symptoms. I needed the address of the nearest hospital as well as a Google map to direct my route.

Gout Symptoms

I made it through the night. However, getting ready for the hunt was my main concern. A kind and generous camping companion offered some of his wisdom to me for this occasion. He advised me to learn as much as possible about gout treatment. His brother was also suffering from gout. Gout symptoms can be treated naturally, he said. I was struck by the confidence he expressed in his advice that stayed with me through that morning.

Gout causes

It’s true. Gout pain can strike in a flash and can last for days, if not treated promptly. If left untreated, gout pain can rob you your freedom. It gets worse with time. That morning, I resolved to fix the problem, no matter what the price. I was embarrassed and apologised to my senior camping friends. Then, I limped home with a renewed commitment to finding real gout pain relief. I was relieved by my doctor’s usual prescription for ibuprofen. Although he gave me a few brochures and pamphlets, I was keen to see more. My camping buddy from last year, who had shared his brother’s story about gout attack, was my call. He helped me get on the right path.

Gout is not a nighttime problem caused by overeating of rich foods. Gout can be a severe form of arthritis that causes needle-like crystals to form around the connective tissue in your body. Gout attacks are a result of inflammatory arthritis.

A high level of uric acid in the blood is common in most people. One of two things can cause excessive uric acid in the blood. Either your body experiences an unusually high level of uric acids production or it is unable adequately to eliminate the uric acid. Gout symptoms include redness, swelling, warmth and redness. The joints may feel tender. Most commonly, the joints between the toes and the heels are affected. This condition is called “podagra”.

Gout sufferers often report that their pain symptoms start just before bedtime. The pain symptoms are then followed by an increase in pain and discomfort, which peak around midnight and subsides over the following days. Itching and peeling can be seen around the pain-stricken areas.

A natural remedy for gout is at your fingertips

My wise camping buddy helped me to find gout relief. I received a copy The Gout Remedy Report. I found this report to be a great fit for my gout symptoms. Gout Remedy Report provides all the information you need to understand your condition and take immediate steps. It contains:

  • A complete guide to gout, including its history, symptoms, and complications.
  • An exhaustive review of alternative and traditional gout remedies
  • Comprehensive gout diet information, including what to eat or not to eat
  • Tips and suggestions for healthy living and long-term gout management

The report is easy to comprehend, and it also provides precise and fundamental information. I have been free from gout symptoms for over a year. It is a lifesaver

You will also find a very good natural treatment here:

Gout Natural Remedy

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