What is Impotence and how does Eroxel help?

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Erectile dysfunction (or erectile impotence), is a condition that affects male potency. This is often a permanent condition that causes a man to have a difficult time erectioning through sexual stimulation. These types of potency problems often have psychological causes. causes. Organic reasons are also possible to be responsible.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as erectile impotence in medical terminology, is a condition that affects a man’s ability to erect. The patient with erectile dysfunction cannot have a good erection for long enough to allow them to have sexual intercourse. There may not be any erection in severe cases of erectile disorder.


There are many causes of erectile dysfunction. Psychological reasons are one of the causes. Men who are anxious before having sex, or are exposed to many stressful situations daily, may be at greater risk of losing their ability to conceive. Erectile dysfunction is temporary. It disappears when the stress is managed.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by organic disorders more often than not. When a man is sexually stimulated, he produces the neurotransmitter CGMP. when he is aroused. The corpus cavernosum blood vessels dilate, allowing for more blood to flow in. This causes the member (penis), to erect and become stiff. The messenger substance, cGMP, acts until it’s cleaved and cleaved with the enzyme PDE-5. This causes the cGMP to lose its influence and makes the member flaccid.

Since a permanent erection is harmful to the erectile tissues, the enzyme is usually released by the body after a while. PDE-5 can be released too early in erectile dysfunction. However, the penis erection does not happen as quickly or at all.

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Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by psychological factors. This is a temporary erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction usually manifests itself within a few weeks or days after the stress factor has been introduced to the patient’s daily life.

There is usually no obvious progression in organically-caused erectile dysfunction. Most affected men notice symptoms as early as puberty. They are unable to maintain a good erection for long enough. Erectile impotence is a condition that affects men.

Outlook and Prognosis

Erectile dysfunction may present as a temporary, gradual, or permanent condition. Most men will experience temporary impotence at some time in their lives. They just have to wait for it not to happen again. They can be caused by stress, emotional strain, or medication. Most often, however, they are in the psychological realm.

These causes can be eliminated and the erectile dysfunction will improve. However, if there are any physical reasons, it may mean that impotence has been present since childhood, this will not resolve by itself. You need to seek medical attention. Treatment with Viagra or an alternative, cheaper generic drug, is best. However, this must be done before every sexual encounter. There are surgical options that may be helpful depending on the case.

On the other hand, if the problem is due to increasing age, it can be treated with targeted medication. This will help if the patient has had sexual intercourse in the past. Patients must be aware that they may not achieve the desired results with the first medication. This is because side effects can occur and only prescriptions are required for certain drugs. Once the active ingredient has been identified and the dose determined, nothing can stop you from living a satisfying sex life.

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